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And It's Going To Change How You Handle Relationships Forever

From: Tami
Date: Right Now!

If you are like most women, you have compromised what was important to you in a relationship. You have likely spent countless hours composing just the right profile, just the right response to a swipe right, only to have radio silence the next day.

You aren’t alone if you sit and replay conversations wondering what you said wrong that made a potential partner want out.

Are you too vulnerable in relationships without a plan when feeling under attack? Are you too guarded and prickly because you’re afraid of getting hurt?

Maybe you find yourself attracted to the same type of unhealthy partner, hoping for a different outcome, but devastated when the relationship turns out the same as the last time. Heartbroken!


I can either get you a coupon code for the mega size Kleenex at the superstore...

...or I can show you a way to turn your life around, starting right now. 

This moment. 

I want to be by your side, coaching you on how to find your worth, your respect. 

I want to explain how it got lost in the first place and what you need to do to find that empowered person you once were. 

And with each module, I will help you examine your past, stabilize your present, and prepare for your future using a step-by-step method that I created for you. 


It's time to examine your past, stabilize your present, and prepare your future.

When you take advantage of what I am going to share with you, you’ll realize a healthy, romantic relationship can be available to you without continued disappointment and rejection. You will see that true love with an emotionally available partner is attainable.  
Finally, being able to change the course of your life forever, is here...
A unique program that let's you:

Take control over your life. Establish the crucial foundation required to  build a permanent internal sense of strength, and then attract the love you deserve. 

I specifically created “Preparing for the Jungle: Avoiding Snakes and Pitfalls on the Path to Healthy Love” to overcome this obstacle...

And by following my step-by-step guide...

You will stop being rejected by people who weren’t good for you anyway, and uncover the how-to’s of finding true love.

So stick around for a few more moments, and let me explain the finer details (so you can get what you want, once and for all)

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Did you know the experiences you had growing up shape the way you live your life? 

What if you were able to understand why you were attracted to certain types of people when searching for a partner? 

What if you realized that what was role-modeled to you molded you into how you interact with people today? It's true. How you communicate, how you solve conflict, how you get your needs met, and so much more. 

How aware are you of your self-talk, that voice that goes a million miles an hour in your head? Have you ever stopped to listen to the messages being ingrained into your psyche? 

Are the messages encouraging, or are they smashing your worth to bits and pieces all day long? 

Are you aware of grudges that you carry, that directly affect how you live your life? Does holding resentments result in you pushing people away, or clinging to others in desperation? 

How about when you do get out into the dating world, are you an any-relationship-is-better-than-no-relationship type? 

Do you jump at the chance of connecting with someone who gives you an ounce of attention? 

Have you ever really developed a well thought out plan for what you want in a romantic relationship? 

What about detailing your non-negotiables and understanding boundaries? 

How many of these questions keep you awake at night, wondering if your life will ever change? 

“Preparing for the Jungle” is a cutting-edge method using my clinically proven strategies to help you create what you deserve while finding that person who you can settle in and enjoy your life with. 

Whether you constantly feel rejected or push people out the door, fear is the common denominator. 

Fear of success, fear of failure. Fear of rejection, fear of abandonment. 

I will help you push fear to the side and gain the confidence to manage aspects of your life to find your sparkle again. 

When you know in your heart of hearts that you have worth, the energy you emanate is powerful. 

You no longer put up with second-best, verbal, emotional abuse, or people who take you for granted. 

No, you decide what you want and you will have the confidence to accept nothing short of true, honest, unconditional love.

You might be saying, “Nah, there is no way! I’ve been out there, and I know all the good ones are taken". 

"True love doesn’t exist”. 

I’m here to tell you, you have been going about it in a way that will only keep you looking for love in all the wrong places. 

Not only have I helped thousands of men and women create the life which invites connection, but I did the work myself, changed unhealthy patterns, and found true love.  

I also figured I would be a single mom for the rest of my life, never letting anyone in, ever again. I put myself through this program, “Preparing for the Jungle”.

Using my personal experiences, combined with the clinical skills I have gained over the last 20 years of being a counselor, I cracked the code. 

I created "Preparing for the Jungle" because when I learned how to be mentally and emotionally myself, I met the most amazing man and feel the happiest I’ve ever been. I realized true love is actually possible. 

But the work starts with you. I am here to start where you are and get you going on a program that will help you get the results you are seeking.

SPECIAL OFFER - 1st 20 participants...

The first 20 participants will receive a $100 discount on this price.

On checkout, click the Add Coupon Code link and enter the code Jungle and receive an instant $100 off!




 Yes, I am committed to knowing things need to change
What you thought had worked in the past won't work for you moving forward. To get the romantic relationship you want, something needs to give...and you know exactly, that the time is right now.
Yes, I know I want to make these changes and need help
Doing it on your own has not worked and has probably created more heartache than it needed to. Together, we can fix that.
Yes, I'm ready to be the woman I need to be!
Being empowered and knowing you are worth every second of your life...that is possible today and forever.


Can you imagine anxiety washing away? Feeling content in the connection you have with a loving partner? No longer worrying about him calling you back, if he’s going to have his bags packed when you get home, if he’s cheating on you? Ugh, all of that is exhausting. It is time for you to be able to look forward to date nights, plan a trip together, indulge in a healthy sex life with someone who you can be 100% yourself with. No more morphing yourself into what you think other people want you to be. Imagine not second guessing your intuition, having healthy boundaries and being so confident in your life that you can exhale and feel at peace. I’ve seen this transition in my clients. I have witnessed it in myself, and I am so excited to share this way of living your life to the fullest, right now. 


Are you ready to stop...
Attracting the same unhealthy type of person over and over?

Continuing to try to connect with people who are emotionally unavailable?

Getting what seems like a good thing going, but sabotage it?

Feeling fireworks that spit-spat into nothing?

Missing those blaring red-flags? 

This core curriculum is specifically designed for people who have experienced:
Rejection, Poor communication, Dishonesty, Unhealthy conflict, Resentment, Lack of confidence, Hostility, Disconnect, Cold, Manipulation, Abuse, Gas Lighting, Loneliness

Have you experienced any of these in your past relationships?

Meet Tami
My “Preparing for the Jungle” course is near and dear to my heart because not only do I work with people struggling with loneliness, failed relationships, and a lack of hope that they will never find the love of their lives, but I’ve lived through many heartbreaks. I stayed too long in an abusive relationship, experienced true love that was too good to be true, and I was married for 12 years in a wonderful marriage, until it wasn’t wonderful anymore. I experienced periods of time feeling lonely and scared, questioning if healthy relationships and true love actually existed.


Module #1: Getting Your Mind Right

After completing this module...

  • You will have identified what is important to you in your life
  • You will have a direction, as well as a starting place to begin creating the life you want to live.
  • You will establish a routine to encourage stability and focus. 

Module #2: Family Roles

Identify how family roles contribute to healthy and unhealthy relationships

After completing this module...

  • You will have identified the roles you played growing up in your family of origin
  • You will understand how your current roles positively and negatively affect your current relationship choices
  • You will also be able to identify the roles of the partners you choose
  • ​You will be able to answer the question about how these roles contribute to healthy or toxic relationships

Module #3: Attachment Styles and Personality Types

Identify the attachment style you grew up with and what personality types develop from that attachment style

After completing this module...

  • You will understand how you can ensure you demonstrate healthy attachment in relationships
  • You will understand how to select partners with healthy attachment style
  • You will also understand positive and negative aspects of your personality type and determine if this is creating healthy or toxic relationships with those around you
  • ​You will be able to identify the personality types in people you are attracted to, further explaining their behavior
  • ​You will be able to make more fulfilling choices in a romantic partner. 

Module #4: Communication & Conflict Management Styles

Understand why Communication is 98% of a relationship. Develop healthy conflict resolution skills. Learn the cycle of healthy and toxic conflict. 

After completing this module...

  • You will learn the 4 communication styles and the 5 conflict management styles.
  • You will learn to use effective communication in your relationships which will create a healthy connection
  • You will learn to manage life's unavoidable conflict in a way that will result in an expansive depth which is crucial in a positive, romantic relationship
  • ​You will walk away with actionable methods of using conflict to feel closer to your partner and eliminate resentments that will kill your relationship. 

Module #5: Self Confidence and Finding Forgiveness

Improve your Self-Confidence, learn to Forgive yourself and others and practice Letting Go of what no longer serves you.

After completing this module...

  • You will identify why Self-Confidence is imperative to a healthy relationship and how to strengthen confidence using short-term, realistic goal setting
  • You will learn about internal and external sense of self and how it relates to self-confidence
  • You will gain awareness of behaviors, choices and experiences that you need to acknowledge, process, learn from and then let go.
  • You will identify people from your past that would do you well to find forgiveness
  • ​You will learn how guilt is a quicksand trap and why letting go allows internal freedom

Module #6: Timeline of a Relationship, Cone of Fear, Develop Non-Negotiables

Reflect on past relationships using a timeline. Analyze how Fear is the root of all negatively expressed behaviors. Develop a list of Non-Negotiables.

After completing this module...

  • You will explore past relationships and identify aspects, both positive and negative which offer learning opportunities to create healthy love
  • You will understand how fear of rejection and fear of abandonment are the root cause of negative behavior
  • You will develop a list of non-negotiables that you commit to not compromise when casting your net to date

Module #7: Foundation of a Relationship, Healthy vs Toxic Relationships, Inspection Checklist

Master the Foundation of a Relationship. Learn the difference between Healthy and Toxic Relationships. Create your Check List. Cast your Net.

After completing this module...

  • You will be able to form a stable foundation for any relationship you have with other people and how intimacy plays a major role. 
  • You will learn the difference between what makes up a toxic relationship and what a healthy relationship looks like. (This will offer validation to what your gut instinct already tells you. )
  • You will create a check list of the most important factors to remember as you either evaluate a current relationship, or as you get out into the jungle, prepared and ready to create a healthy, lasting, loving romantic relationship. 


(Let's talk about what you get for free)

I encourage you to get out there and work on all of these aspects! When I have encouraged people to do that, they absolutely find results. However, they tend to be short-term, band-aid results. 

It’s ok, I was always looking for the quick fixes too. When anxiety and frustration is high, that is what you want, a quick fix. But slow and steady is what wins the race. 

Determination and commitment are what give you lasting results and permanent changes to what’s not working in your life. 
A unique program that let's you:

Solve the endless repetition of unsuccessful relationships by gaining the internal power and strength so you can finally take control of your life. 


Why is this cutting edge you ask? There is not a program out there that is packed with this unique, clinically designed methodology, especially with me personally walking you through each step, and inviting you to a support system with other women. 

This core curriculum offers proven strategies to examine specific components of behavior that directly influence who you are attracted to, why you are attracted to them, and how you behave within those relationships.

You will immediately be able to apply what you learn to make substantial changes in your life.
I have developed this sequential blueprint, that when followed and implemented, will guarantee that you will make different choices in order to match the level of self-respect and self-worth you will have created. 

I will gently push you out of a comfort zone, which you may not have realized had such a negative impact on your belief system, and will coach you to make positive changes in the way you live your life.


(And if you decide this isn't for you, you'll get where you want just may cost you time you don't have)

SPECIAL OFFER - 1st 20 participants...

The first 20 participants will receive a $100 discount on this price.

On checkout, click the Add Coupon Code link and enter the code Jungle and receive an instant $100 off!



What is everyone saying about Tami...
"I have been divorced 2 times and have engaged in all kinds of therapy and attempts at becoming a healthier person and making better choices in dating. This course is absolutely an amazing resource for those who want to improve both themselves and their future relationship choices. Even if you think you have tried everything- this course is one stop for all of the major issues in relationships and how to avoid them. Tami is so engaging and makes all of the lessons humorous and lively while still addressing some very challenging issues. "
"When I first started seeing Tami, to say I was not in the best place would be an understatement - I had just gotten out of a two-and-a-half year relationship that didn’t quite end the way that I thought it would,
and I spent the majority of my days just trying to make it through without crying and ruminating about where it all went wrong. Fast forward two years later, Tami has not only supported me through one of the most emotional times in my life to-date but has helped me get back out in the dating scene with a newfound confidence and understanding of what I will, and will not, settle for - and I know this is just the beginning of my revamped view of relationships. So, thank you Tami, I appreciate you more than you
"What I liked best about “Preparing for the Jungle” was that it was practical and focused on changing my thoughts and behaviors around dating. Change happened one step at a time, by thinking through the way I was doing things and then making a small but important change. It was easy to understand and not as scary as just winging it on my own. It felt like I had support and structure. That helped a lot and made things soooo much more fun."
Due to a variety of reasons, I’ve always used dating and relationships as a way to fill voids. Working with Tami and the help and guidance she provided it took a lot of time, self-reflection, and interpersonal focus to even realize this was a pattern for me. However, once I recognized this and put in the effort to figure out why I had these “voids”, where they were originating from, why I felt the need to fill them etc.
I was able to address them in a healthy way. I believe that once you’re operating from a state of wholeness it’s extremely empowering to know you have the ability to make healthy dating choices. You grow courage and confidence to walk away from someone giving.
you mixed signals, and you actually feel proud for doing so! Whereas before you would probably doubt yourself, feel insecure and actually let their mixed signals influence how you felt about yourself. Ultimately, I think it’s life changing - you allow yourself
to change your perspective of what you’re willing to entertain/accept and it gives you the strength to walk away from red flags and see that as a win! Tami was and still is instrumental in the growth I experience in this area! 

-M. W.
"Through working with Tami, I found the courage to leave a toxic relationship as well as the strength to move forward and find myself again. Every step of the way , she has offered personalized attention, thoughtful perspectives, and helpful tools to guide me in the process. I could not be more happy with the direction that I'm headed in and I'm so grateful for her influence in my life!"
The Preparing for the Jungle course was just what I had been searching for to help me better understand myself and my relationships that I had sought for many years. I longed for more fulfillment and happiness in my relationships with my partner, family, friends, and coworkers. I have struggled with anxiety and depression all my life and had sought out help to understand and manage my emotions and behaviors. It was not until I took Tammy’s course that I gained more insight into my behaviors and patterns, and how my personality type and my family role influenced this. This awareness has been enlightening and has provided me the with tools to continue to move forward on my journey of self awareness. Although I still have more work to do this shift in perspective has been eye-opening. Tami is such an insightful, compassionate and helpful person. I am grateful for Tami and her commitment to help women build a healthy loving relationship with themselves, so they can find healthy, loving relationships with others. 

SPECIAL OFFER - 1st 20 participants...

The first 20 participants will receive a $100 discount on this price.

On checkout, click the Add Coupon Code link and enter the code Jungle and receive an instant $100 off!



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